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Cherry Ridge Consulting LLC is a woman-owned small business specializing in wetland consulting services, bottled water services, and general environmental consulting.

We are a small team of professional consultants focused on providing high-quality services to our clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner while taking the time to understand your project objective and how our services can assist in ensuring successful project completion.

The goal of our organization is to provide quality environmental consulting services to industry, government, and the general public at a reasonable cost. Our primary service areas include wetland identification, delineation, and permitting; water resource evaluation and development; and bottled and bulk water industry permitting and regulatory compliance. We also provide general environmental consulting services, including site assessments for real estate transactions and industrial permit maintenance.

Jillian Olsen: Founder and President

Cherry Ridge LLC was founded by Jillian in 2018 as a way to bring her passion for wetland science and spring water resource development to more people. 

Jillian has extensive field experience with environmental site assessments, hydrologic assessment methods, and wetland delineations. She enjoys discussing the full spectrum of project management concepts and methods used in her work as they relate to wetland science and regulatory compliance.

Jillian obtained her B.S. in Biology from Moravian College and went on to complete her M.S. in Environmental Science/Ecology at Drexel University. 

As a regulatory specialist with more than 20 years in environmental consulting, Jillian can help you navigate the complexities of wetland science and spring water resource development so that your business can be a good steward of our natural resources.

Jillian is a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS), Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP), Process Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), and Alliance for Water Stewardship Credentialed Specialist (AWS). She has the experience and skills required to assist your company in achieving compliance with applicable environmental regulations while ensuring successful project completion.

She’s super excited about what she does, so feel free to reach out if you want to talk shop!

Jillian Olsen

Ally Bish: Project Scientist

As our project scientist, Ally loves diving head-first into research and fieldwork. She has always had a passion for the environment and since joining the Cherry Ridge team, Ally has quickly proven herself to be an invaluable asset and has taken the lead on many of our projects. 

Ally is a certified Wetland Professional in Training (WPIT) dedicated to wetland identification, delineation, and water resource development projects. She can also be found keeping our clients compliant with various regulatory requirements, through data analysis and reporting. Ally obtained her B.S. in Coastal Environmental Science from Flagler College. During her time at Flagler College, Ally had the unique opportunity to research shipwreck ecology off the coast of Bermuda. She also participated in water quality analysis and monitoring with the wastewater treatment facility in St. Augustine, Florida.

Ally Bish

Have You Heard?

Our clients are eager to share their experiences with our environmental and wetland services.

Cherry Ridge, LLC has been a key partner in 3 Springs’ operations, helping us to maintain our permit compliance while we focus on daily operations and logistics.  We enjoy working with Jillian, she is a very dedicated professional. The bottled water industry is lucky to have her fighting…
We have utilized Cherry Ridge, LLC throughout our operations at Silver Springs Ranch. Jillian provides expertise for our bulk spring water operation, as well as environmental services for our horse training facility.– Ron W., Silver Springs Ranch, LLC
Cherry Ridge is responsive, cost-efficient, and provides a wide range of environmental and water resource-related services which makes them my ‘go-to’ consultant.– Eric A., BlueTriton Brands, Inc.