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Jillian working at a wetland

Environmental Consultants are often overlooked during the initial phases of land development planning or real estate transactions. You may think, “my clients own the land, they can do whatever they want to it”. That of course is not the case. Many factors can derail your clients’ land development dreams, particularly existing environmental features on a property or historic land uses that may have left environmental contaminants behind. As a realtor, land developer, or development planner, contracting with a reputable environmental consultant should be a preliminary step to avoid derailing your clients’ plans and losing out on a transaction.

What Environmental Factors Can Affect a Property?

Certain properties pose a higher environmental risk than others. Land that may have been used historically for industrial manufacturing, waste processing or disposal, automotive maintenance, or gasoline stations, just to name a few, may be at higher risk for potential environmental contamination in soil and/or groundwater. Other risks to consider include the potential presence of water bodies (streams, rivers, lakes, etc.) or wetlands on the property. There are local, state and federal requirements regarding land development near or within water bodies and wetlands. The occurrence of any of these factors on the property could significantly impact the usability of the land for your clients’ project goals, including project completion timelines and associated costs.

Make the Smart Choice

Environmental Due Diligence is an important first step in land development planning and real estate transactions. Adding such due diligence at the onset of project planning or real estate transactions will ultimately save your client time and costs.

Cherry Ridge LLC offers Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for commercial and industrial real estate transactions, wetland identification and delineation services, and regulatory compliance assistance. As your environmental consultants, we would evaluate the property of interest for potential environmental liabilities and obligations associated with the intended use of the property. We will identify the regulatory compliance measures that may be required to meet the specific needs of your client. We are happy to work with you to design the right Environmental Due Diligence package to meet your clients’ needs and help you achieve success in the property transaction and land development process.