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Jillian Olsen

When planning your outdoor project and looking for companies to partner with, it’s important that the teams you’re considering are certified, dedicated professionals. Hobbyists and those who have studied in this field are certainly knowledgeable, but certified professionals like the Cherry Ridge team are experts. Jillian Olsen, our founder and president, is highly certified, adding a great degree of professionalism. Let’s take a look at her credentials and how they can help your business’s project thrive. 

Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) 

The QEP is a “fully-accredited credential that requires environmental professionals to have a broad perspective along with the knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems,” according to the Board for Global EHS Credentialing®. Certification holders agree to abide by the BGC Code of Ethics, demonstrating the exceptional knowledge and experience of environmental professionals in air and water quality, waste management, and Environment Science, Management, and Policy. 

Process Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) 

Jillian is a Process Controls Qualified Individual through the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance. At Cherry Ridge, we assist companies in their bottled water projects, ensuring regulation compliance across the board. Since bottled water and beverages are consumed by humans, the water sources and packaging need to comply with various FDA and other regulations. This certification is recognized by the FDA and it teaches professionals how to safely produce, manufacture, package and store food for human consumption in the US. 

Credentialed Specialist, Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) 

Another water-specific credential Jillian holds is being a Credentialed Specialist for the Alliance for Water Stewardship. Water stewardship is the equitable, sustainable, and profitable utilization of water, according to the Alliance for Water Stewardship. Certified individuals can ensure their clients that they practice good water stewardship. 

Jillian has the experience and skills required to assist your company in achieving compliance with applicable environmental regulations while ensuring successful project completion. Her certifications ensure the attention to detail and expertise you need to reach your goals. Reach out to get started on your project today!