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Surveying Your Scenes

At Cherry Ridge LLC, we understand the importance of surveying in every aspect of construction. Surveying is critical to ensure that your project is built correctly, safely, and efficiently. It is through this fundamental understanding that we can provide you with a high-quality survey of your site so that you may build your project with confidence.

Through a partnership with our dedicated subcontractors, Cherry Ridge LLC offers surveying services to clients in the commercial, industrial, environmental and non-profit sectors. We take a creative approach to each new project to ensure that our client’s needs are met and their expectations are exceeded.

Bathymetric Surveying

The bathymetric survey is the process of surveying bodies of water to create a 3-dimensional representation of the bottom surface. The captured data is used to create bathymetric maps and charts. Bathymetric surveys provide a detailed visual representation that describes the terrain and shape of the bottom surface of a body of water, including the location and height of any underwater obstructions.

Bathymetric surveys are performed using sonar technology. This is done by sending sound waves from an instrument called a transducer into a body of water at regular intervals. These sound waves measure the distance to the bottom surface of the body of water by measuring the time it takes for them to bounce off the bottom and return to their source (transducer). 

When combined with GPS readings and other navigational data, such as speed over the ground or direction of travel, 3D maps can be created showing the depth of the water at specific points.

At Cherry Ridge LLC, we offer bathymetric surveys for our clients in need of detailed information about specific bodies of water. Our project experience includes topographic surveys, river and stream surveys, wetland delineation surveys, and other types of hydrographic surveys.

If you are purchasing waterfront property or would like to identify any potentially hazardous conditions relating to a body of water on your property, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with an estimate for our services.

Drone Aerial Surveying

Drone surveys are a fantastic way to get an overview of a site or project. Aerial drone surveys can be carried out over land or water and used for aerial mapping, monitoring, construction site inspection, and asset management. Surveys are also used to track environmental changes over time. The information collected by drone surveys is essential for managing risk and improving efficiency in many industries.

The drone-based aerial survey systems can be used for the following purposes: 

  • Topographic surveys
  • Building inspections
  • Volume calculations
  • Stockpile surveys

Topographic surveys are used to create maps and measure land areas using GPS positioning. The topographic survey helps determine the elevation points of the terrain. Using the drone aerial survey technique, you can visualize the site from multiple angles and get a clear idea about the landscape.

Building inspections are carried out by drones to monitor the progress of construction projects. Drones help record various vantage points and inspect inaccessible areas on building structures that are difficult to reach by human beings.

Cherry Ridge LLC and our partners have extensive experience in performing drone aerial surveys for our clients. We can provide aerial survey images and videos in HD resolution. We also have the capability to process the images into 3D models to help you visualize a site before commencing a project and allow you to monitor progress throughout its duration.

Who can take advantage of our surveying services?

Areas we have covered include:

Construction Sites – We can survey the entire site daily to track progress and locate discrepancies. This is a great way to monitor your project and ensure that it is running smoothly, on time, and on budget.

Mines – We can map the entire mine site in one flight, or we can focus on particular areas of interest. Daily flights will allow you to keep up with progress and track any changes on the ground.

Real Estate – Real estate agents increasingly rely on aerial photography to market properties for sale. Drones are becoming more common in real estate photography, as they offer a cost-effective way to get professional-level images for marketing purposes.

Mining Lease Boundaries – A landowner may require boundaries of the leased area for their own records or for government authorities. A lease boundary may also be required by a landowner if they are negotiating a deal with a mining company.